Laser Treatment


Photo Rejuvenation


This state of the art treatment literally erases years of aging with light penetration to the dermis. The laser targets and heats collagen deep within the dermis and stimulates it to tighten and rejuvenate itself. This procedure takes just minutes to perform, but keeps working for months after! You can see immediate results in skin tone and texture, and within a few weeks, you will notice a difference in the skin's tightness. Although mainly used for facial treatment, this procedure can be performed on the neck, abdomen, and thighs.


Stretch Mark Scar Therapy

Depending on the age of the stretch mark or scar, different lasers can be used to minimize the unpleasant appearance of these ailments.


Spider Vein Removal

Our lasers allow you to precisely treat visible vessels, broken capillaries, spider veins, lesions, and discoloration of your skin. Treatments will be tailored to match skin conditions and desired patient results. Conditions such as: Redness, Telangiectasia, Veins, Facial Veins, Broken Capillaries.

Broken capillaries and other visible vascular structures will be gently eliminated from the visible layers of your skin's surface. Our lasers have the ability to provide a treatment that is optimized to your patient's skin condition. Unwanted lesions will be preferentially heated by the laser energy and become less noticeable. Some will disappear; and pigmented lesions will greatly improve.



It affects nearly 13 million people in the U.S. alone, manifesting itself as diffuse redness of the face, along with multiple telangiectasias or facial veins. At times, eruptions of papules, pustules, and swelling can occur. It is agreeable that this disease is both uncomfortable and embarrassing to live with. Now there is a very reliable treatment for this problem at our facility that is virtually pain-free.


Acne Treatment

Whether you are a teen seeking treatment for this problem, or have adult acne, careful attention is given to each patient for the best possible results. Depending on the individual and the severity of the problem, several types of lasers can be used, in addition to topical therapy.


Pigmented Lesion Treatment

Very few of us are lucky enough not to have some sort of pigmented lesion, whether it be freckles, solar lentigines (age spots), or discoloration associated with hormones. Pigmented lesions are caused by an accumulation of excess melanin in certain areas of the skin. The laser targets and destroys this excess melanin, leaving fresher, younger looking, and more attractive skin. This treatment takes just a few minutes and is relatively pain-free. Immediately following the treatment, lesions will appear darker and may swell or scab over. In just a few days, they will be reabsorbed by your body. Darker lesions may take a couple of treatments, but lighter ones are usually gone after just one treatment.


Laser Hair Removal

Although there are many methods you can use to remove unwanted body hair, most of them are tedious and only remove hair for a short period of time. Many can also leave you with nicks, ingrown hair and bumps. With the laser hair removal offered at the Med-Spa of Americus, you can eliminate the hassles associated with traditional forms of hair removal and finally achieve long lasting results with no down time. After your first treatment you can expect a noticeable reduction in the amount of hair. You will likely need 6 to 9 treatments before you experience permanent results. Call us for your free consultation.